This is a short introduction following some screenshots.

(1) Bell is inactive

Bell is inactive here - it can by activated by the switch:

If you tap the bell you should hear the sound of a singing bowl.

Adjust the volume of the mindfulness bell in section actions-when-ringing of the settings.

(2) Bell is active

This is how it looks after activating the bell with the switch:

To get the shown notication icon in the upper left corner you have to activate the status icon in the corresponding section of the settings.

Please take a look at the settings to tell MindBell when and how often to ring.

On older Android versions it might be that you cannot see the three dots button. Then you have to use the menu button to get to the menu.

(3) Bell is muted

In the settings are several mute rules that define when to mute the bell. However, in the total-silence flavor of the do-not-disturb mode the bell is always muted. To show that the bell is muted the notification icon is turned over (from open to the top to upside down):

(4) Meditation

Pressing the start medition buttons opens up the meditation dialog:

This lets you specify the time to prepare, the length of your meditation, the number (and length) of periods your meditation is cut into, whether you want to leave the screen on and whether MindBell should leave the meditation mode automatically after your meditation.

(5) Start meditation

Pressing the start button starts the countdown of your ramp-up time:

When this preparation period is over you hear the beginning bells and your meditation starts.

You can modifiy the number of sounds of a singing bowl at the beginning, in the middle, at the end and its volume in the meditation section of the settings.

(6) Start meditation directly

Pressing the start-instantly button skips the ramp-up period shown in (5) and directly starts your meditation countdown:

(7) Meditation is over

When the meditation is over the time beyond your meditation is counted up:

If you chose to leave meditation mode automatically counting up stops after playing the sound of the ending bells.

Otherwise counting up stops without leaving meditation mode after a while (to be precise: counting up takes as long as your meditation).

(8) Settings

You can reach the settings by clicking on the gear-wheel or via the menu (see here):

There are several sections containing different aspects to adjust MindBell to your needs.