First of all I’m very sorry that MindBell does not ring or remind as you expect.

If reminders stopped after upgrading MindBell please directly jump to the power saver information.

Due to targeting a newer Android version (enforced by Google Play) with MindBell 3.5.0 Android seems to handle the app differently regarding power saving. So it’s most likely about power saving.

Here is a checklist that I hope might help to get it going:

  • Please enable the status notification in the corresponding section of the settings.

    On Android Oreo or higher this option has been replaced by a quick settings tile.

    If no stylized bowl is shown you probably did not activate reminders by the switch. See intro how to activate it.

    If the stylized bowl is shown upside down please check the notification, it contains a reason why reminders are suppressed for the time being. Please check the possible reasons.

    If the stylized bowl is shown upright you should get reminders.

  • Does it make a sound when you touch the bell?

    Follow every message that might give a hint.

  • Which audio channel does the sound go to and which volume control is used?

    Please check the sound output section of the settings.

  • Is the volume too low?

    If the volume of the audio channel should be used please check the volume setting for this audio channel in your phone’s volume control.

    If the MindBell’ volume setting should be used please check the bell volume in the reminder actions section of the settings.

  • Have you specified which reminder actions should be taken?

    Ensure the action you are missing is enabled: bell display, sound or vibration.

  • Is it possible that reminder was suppressed because of these reasons when you expected it to remind?

    If so the bell won’t play a sound, vibrate or even display in that moment (depending on the corresponding option). That takes a new interval to try it again. With long intervals this might result in never getting a reminder.

  • Is there a chance that you simply overheard the bell? While in flow or very busy?

    Choose another ringtone or enable vibration and/or enable notifications when the bell rings (needs version >= 3.1.0). Not forever, just to check.

  • Is ‘Pause audio on sound’ enabled in the settings?

    Please disable that option. It doesn’t work properly on devices of some vendors, e.g. Samsung or LG.

  • Are you using any sort of power saver app or power saver mechanism?

    Please exclude MindBell from any power saver app or power saver mechanism. This might be specific to your version, model and vendor of your phone or you might have installed some specials apps for this. E.g. on Honor, Huawei and Xiaomi phones reminder won’t work without this.

    Please deactivate and activate reminders by the switch to test these settings after changing them.

    Please exclude MindBell from optimizing battery use following this description. The ‘Battery settings’ option under ‘Problem solving’ in MindBell’s settings should take you there.

    Please exclude MindBell from lock screen cleanup on EMUI phones (like Honor or Huawei) following this description.

    Please check these faq of an app completely independent of MindBell. Be aware it has nothing at all to do with MindBell or neither am I responsible for the content - the link is added for your convenience only: foreign troubleshooting tips

  • Please try this test scenario:

    Go to the active times and rhythm section of the settings.

    Specify reminder times from 00:00 to 00:00, activate all weekdays, set interval to 1 minute and disable interval deviations.

    Go to the reminder actions section of the settings.

    Enable show bell, play sound and vibrate. Select single bell as bell sound.

    Leave the settings, activate the bell.

    After at least 2 minutes you should see the bell, hear a sound and your phone should vibrate.

    If it works for a short interval like a minute but not for a longer interval like an hour then it’s for sure about power saving.

    If you did not get a reminder after another 3 minutes then use the Send e-mail with log option under Problem solving in MindBell’s settings to send an e-mail to Do not forget to describe what you experience and what you already tried.

  • Have you tried to uninstall MindBell and re-install it freshly?

    Clear data first (it might make a difference).

    On Marshmallow and higher please disable automatic restoring of app data after reinstallation.

    Then uninstall and reinstall MindBell.

  • Have you re-booted your mobile to see whether that helps?

    Please try that one, too.

  • You’ve found a solution that’s not listed here?

    Please send me an e-mail. I’d be happy to add it to this list.